Supporting Individuals with Autism and Their Families

Jeannene offers compassionate understanding and a wealth of knowledge to those who have special needs and their families. Since 1998, she has been working with many individuals using a variety of modalities. Ongoing study of biomedical, educational and therapeutic research keeps Jeannene's outlook current and expansive.

Key Aspects of Jeannene's approach:

  • Beneficial for all ages and a wide variety of special needs
  • Nurtures holistic development (mental, emotion, physical, spiritual)
  • Relationship-centered
  • Involves shared interests and fun activities (recreation, hobbies)
  • Helps people overcome challenges and families reduce stress
  • Improves health and quality of life
  • Promotes joy, presence and ease

"In order to manifest our deepest desire to connect in a loving way with others, we first need to learn to connect in a loving way with ourselves. What this means is that we need to learn be present with a compassionate intent to learn from all of our feelings – especially our painful feelings. The moment you reject your own feelings by ignoring them, judging them, turning to addictions to avoid feeling them, or making another person responsible for them, you are disconnecting from yourself - abandoning yourself and making it impossible to connect with another." Dr. Margaret Paul

As an accepting person with a great sense of purpose in life, Jeannene felt drawn to those with special needs since she was a young child. Jeannene has a bachelor degree in Psychology with a focus on human development. She currently offers Natural Play Therapy, in partnership with Julie Sando and Biodynamic Cranial Touch. She is a Registered Massage Therapist working at Klinik near Main Street in Vancouver, BC.

In 2012 Jeannene earned a certificate in Holistic Harmony Life Coaching from The Center of Harmonious Living. From 2006 to 2008 Jeannene completed an internship at the Autism Treatment Center of America achieving certification in The Son-Rise Program® as a Child Facilitator until 2010. She has traveled across Canada, to the United States, England, Scotland, and Costa Rica to help families. One of Jeannene's most rewarding experiences has been fostering a child with autism in her own home. She understands the many challenges (sleepless nights, picky eating, toilet training, etc…), appreciates the little things and rejoices in the tiniest of achievements.

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