"We learn from Jeannene how to accept, to love, to embrace and to have fun with our son in ways we did not think possible. She was always there to listen, to support and most importantly, to show us how to enjoy our son. Our son's eye contact increase from less than three percent to 46.5 percent during the first six months while Jeannene was working with us. "

Joey Hsieh


"It is a pleasure to write about Jeannene Christie. She is a positive, compassionate, and loving person. She finds joy in any given moment. She opens the door from helplessness into freedom and acceptance as she tunes in and magnifies my daughter Elizabeth’s strengths. She grows Elizabeth’s happiness like roses in a garden. She can be your child’s best friend at the soul level."

"On a second to second basis, Jeannene models values that are important for lifelong success such as responsibility, gratitude and creativity. She knows that each special individual is gifted, extremely sensitive and requires multilevel attendance and responses in order to stimulate growth and development."

"Her intervention is critical for awakening your child’s initiation’s skills. Jeannene is a dedicated, enthusiastic, and energetic friend to us. She helps children be all they can be. I feel confident in providing my greatest recommendation for Jeannene Christie."

Krystyna May – Mom of Elizabeth


"Jeannene was the first play therapist to work with our then 2 1/2 year old son, Devon, who has autism. Her loving, respectful, yet fun approach allowed our son to become more social in an accepting environment. In the 2 1/2 years that Jeannene has guided our therapy program, Devon's eye contact, language and interactions has increased well over 100%. We are ever so grateful for Jeannene's knowledge, expertise and passion for helping people with special needs because she helped create the wonderful progress Devon has made. "

Sandy Medeiros


"Jeannene Christie is a warm, loving, delightful and intelligent human being with so much to offer the world and our children. She has been a gift in our lives since we met her and is a gift to those lucky enough to know her. She has become a part of our family, and our boys (the elder with an ASD diagnosis) both feel very close to her. I would highly recommend her to any family in need of support as they go through this adventure."

F. Chooi, Vancouver BC, running a full time programme since February 2010.


"Way back in 1998, we were blessed to meet Jeannene. Blake and Jeannene have had many adventures since then – biking, skateboarding, camping, dinner parties and endless opportunities to love, play, learn and laugh. Here they are, in 2009, at Blake’s Graduation Ceremony. Believe in the Unbelievable! Jeannene, you are a diamond. Thank you for shining our way."

Big love from Blake and Sandy

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